her knight dance


February 14, 2019

This is one of our favorite nights of the year! We were walking through Costco last week and found this dress and we knew it would be so perfect for her special date with daddy that weekend. She calls it her “spring dress” and put that flower headband with it – knowing it would look lovely together… Sometimes I wish I had her fashion sense!

We curled her hair and put on make up and dangly earrings. It was so fun doing all of the girly things, I think every year that part gets a little more fun!

I love it because it gives her a night out with her daddy and he can show her how a princess ought to be treated on a date! I am hoping and praying that is going deeper and sinking in, giving her something to be aware of always as she grows up.

The her knight tickets go on sale usually in October and they sell out so fast! It is such a fun event, I hope they are able to continue to go every year.

https://herknightdance.org/ Here is the website for the event, it is so helpful to get the reminder emails about getting tickets!

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