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March 19, 2019

This week I was out shopping at the new Bargain Hunt here in Georgetown and I came across this rug with streets and a little town on it. My boys are all in when it comes to cars so I loaded it into my cart and brought it home with me. I surprised them with it and was so excited to see them all four join in and play together. My oldest is 8 and my youngest is 2 so I’m finding there are very few things that can capture all of their attention at the same time lately. There interests are so different and they are each pretty independent so it was my favorite thing watching them all check out our new toy and play together! Emmaline had a Barbie, Caedmon had some superheros, Jude had a helicopter and Declan had his cars… they weaved together this story of distress and chaos and worked together to be the heroes to save the day. Wolverine didn’t stand a chance and had to return all of the toys he had stolen! It was such a joy to watch it all come together I had to grab my camera. I love capturing them in the midst of their play when they are unaware of what I’m doing… these are always my favorite types of photos! They feel genuine in a way that just makes my heart soar. This is very much our real life!

Honey is our four month old golden retriever and is very much into whatever the rest of us are doing so it was a new challenge to 1. photograph a puppy and 2. to photograph my kids while she tried to chew on my arm! She is such a sweet addition to our family and I think we’re finding our groove with potty training and being new dog owners… but those puppy teeth, man! I’m looking forward to the end of that piece of puppyhood!


  1. Bobbi Parker says:

    I love this! True authenticity of parenting littles and puppies. It’s not always rainbows but there’s always ways to find the simple joys. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joani Weller says:

    I love you all so very much! It is great to see them playing so well together, they are all such Great kids! Keep up the good work mom!

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