Evan & Morgan || Tavares, FL Engagements


November 23, 2018

Evan is my husbands dearest friend. The moment they see each other or get on the phone out come goofy accents and hundreds of inside jokes – the kind that leave you laughing until there are tears in your eyes and your belly hurts. Evan is a seaplane pilot and is now living in Florida living out his dream with his lovely fiancee. He recently got engaged to this beautiful lady, Morgan. She is a southern belle with so much charm and a super quick wit that just pairs so phenomenally well with Evan’s personality. Last week my husband and I flew down to Florida to visit these two (and obviously capture some photos!).

Evan is a huge sports fan and when Morgan mentioned getting photos in their Kentucky gear it brought on all the sports teams and I love it so much! As I said he’s a pilot and he proposed on top of a seaplane so we had to incorporate a plane into this session as well. Not to mention we were in Florida where it was warm(ish) and the trees are stunning! Every part of this session was so fun. I am so grateful to have these people be such a part of our livies… These two make the perfect pair and it’s so obvious they enjoy living life to the fullest together. So with all of that I just want to say congratulations to Ev & Mo! We can’t wait to see you two tie the knot!


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