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July 5, 2018

As I walked to our location to scope out some excellent spots for our session I was overwhelmed with how HOT it was! But Britton and Tyler came down with their perfect little red head completely happy and excited for our session. These two have known each other for ages, went to school together and told me some of the hot spots in our little town when they were in high school. They are so much fun to be around – you know when you leave a session and just know you want to become better friends? That’s how I felt the whole time with this crew. Also, as a red head (with zero red headed children!) I was so enamored with this girls hair! It’s curly and red and perfect. She loved exploring and checking things out with her patient daddy and it was a total joy to watch. I love watching kids explore nature – it’s one of my favorite things. Plus, this girl got to go to the fair after our session and I’ll just say I’m definitely not above bribing kids for smiles 😉 What a fun session. Thank you Moody family for hanging with me in the summer heat! I hope you love your images!!


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