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May 30, 2019

I’ve had the privilege of getting to photograph this family a few times now and I just love seeing them everytime! Whitney is a prepared and calm mama – it’s a joy to watch her interact with her babies. The last time I saw them Vera was just a newborn and here she is about to celebrate her very first birthday! Their little ones are super active and full of spunk so they are also just so much fun to watch!

My favorite moment was we first got started and I had set them up, took a few photos and was seriously so blown away with how wonderful Isaac was smiling for me! Then he broke away, ran towards their truck and said, “Let’s go get my milkshake!” I’m totally into those bribes. He still cooperated so great for us even though he had to wait just a little bit longer to get that reward!

Whitney and Andrew have been married for fourteen years! They were high school sweethearts and went to prom together twice. I positioned them into a “prom style” pose and Andrew said it’s been a few years since we’ve done this! How special it was to hear about their early dating season and see them now with two kids still absolutely smitten and loving on each other.

Tackett family, it is always a joy getting to work with you! Happy birthday to Vera!


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