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April 29, 2019

Sometimes at a larger church you see the same families over and over in line to pick up your kids and you feel like you know them even though you’ve never met… anyone else relate to that? I have always thought this family was gorgeous and I love seeing them in the hallways at church as we pick up and drop off our kids. Then my husband joined a men’s group and got to know Aaron… then a women’s group was started and I got to know Abbie a little bit more. And what a joy that has been to get to know these special people! I only am more rooted in my thoughts that they are a gorgeous family the more I get to know them – inside and out!

One of their little girls fell asleep on the way to our session and I’ll be honest, I got a little nervous! I know my toddler sometimes (more than just sometimes…) wakes up pretty angry after a short car nap! But not this girl! She hopped out of the car and immediately showed me how twirly her dress was. I call that a huge win!

When I was posing mom and dad I had the girls help me make silly faces to make mom laugh – I love getting little ones help and including them. I think my favorite part was anything I asked Aaron to do he did so with such enthusiasm. As in, “Alright Aaron, I want you to wrap your arms around Abbie…” and he would say, “Oh yea!!” This guy adores his lovely wife and watching them together just made my heart so, so happy.

I am so glad to get to know them more… Prater family, thank you so much for hanging out with me!


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