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April 10, 2019

When a session with a toddler comes up I’m always prepared to do some running and some silly faces but this little guy didn’t need that! This little boy introduced himself to me with his full complete name and then was even able to say my name in his own little two year old way, believe it or not Melissa can be tough to say! He then told me all the details about his clothes – his shirt had s t r i p e s and a pocket! His shoes were blue! He immediately won me over with his charm. He was so polite and so drawn to his mama he sure made it easy when I asked him to give her snuggles or kisses. I think it goes without saying, Ben and Amanda have got one special kid – and another one on the way!

Amanda and I have known each other for years and she has a boldness to her that I love, admire and cherish. She tells me what she thinks, tells me when I need to toughen up or let it go. I benefit from this friendship so very much. She has a heart for the Lord that is inspiring and challenging, and has a major gift of encouragement (and for this enneagram 9, that means the world to me!). I just admire most everything about her… it has been nothing short of a joy to watch her family grow to include these three special fellas in her life. Watching her be a mom is such a delight – we had kiddos years before many of our friends so it is such a treat to watch them join in on the adventure. She is diligent in teaching and instructing her son and does so with so much kindness. She is also up for whatever idea you might have – I brought the flower crown with me and she was down for whatever I asked of her (including a decent walk and she’s weeks away from having a baby!) Amanda, you are so lovely. Thanks for trusting me with these!

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