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September 2, 2017

Oh I am so excited to start offering L I F E S T Y L E sessions! Genuine lifestyle sessions, in your space doing the things that you love to do with your family. Capturing those beautiful moments that so often go unseen. Listen, each day with your family is such a treasure. We’ve heard it ten thousand times but life goes by entirely too fast. I know sometimes everything can feel mundane and overwhelming or just messy. But that’s where the good stuff hides. The comfort in the mundane and the joy of being together and being home. THAT is the stuff I am excited to capture. The kids fingers and toes that are growing much too quickly, those big belly laughs, the quiet, thoughtful moments, the snuggles, the way they still fit in your lap. The possibilities are endless… baking, board games, movie snuggles, reading together, playing in the backyard. Capturing my kids when they are lost in moments of play is what made me fall in love with photography and that style is what I want to share with your families. I have a gift of finding those sweet moments and the beauty that hides in the messy.


I am thrilled to share my most recent session with you. The Kolb family! These kiddos were so excited to have me over for this session. They shared so many of their unique talents with me. I loved seeing their family dynamic and capturing things that are a part of their normal routine. They had a checkers match and their self-titled king me dance will never be forgotten. They read books in bed with lots of snuggles and even got to jump on mom and dads bed at the end of our session. It was a blast. Thank you, Kolb family for allowing me in on your family time and capturing these moments for you all!


If you want to schedule your own lifestyle session, let’s make it happen! I have a special on these until October, so contact me now if you have an idea for your own lifestyle session!




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