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June 19, 2014

This location, you guys… it was just magical! These little boys kept me on my toes… and laughing so much! They are so sweet and rowdy and it was so fun watching them explore every part of the different locations we went to – climbing trees and jumping over brooks. Kerry told me they weren’t the “hugging” type and so I felt so much joy watching them interact and just seeing that brotherly love there.

I love getting a glimpse into families and capturing the beauty there – and help YOU to see beauty in your family, too. I know sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up with nerves of whether or not your kids are behaving or if you look silly but the more families I shoot the more I’m just so captivated that each one is different and so beautiful. The Holt family was no different and it was so fun getting to work with them! I wanted to share a few favorites from our session, hope you all enjoy!






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