family vacation


August 27, 2013

Our family got to take a mini-vacation this year to a cabin in TN. My husband and I, while we have high hopes of being so, simply just aren’t the best at hanging out in the woods for a week. I know. We have to work on it. I really think vacations like this must get easier as your kids get older, right?  (or, are vacations ever easy as a parent?) While it was a little tricky vacationing with littles, we did have a great time and really got some great quality time as a family. I posted earlier about how my oldest loved following me around with his toy camera. He and I had a great time going on nature walks and taking pictures of all the neat things we found. That was by far my favorite part of this trip. He would probably say his favorite part was playing hide and seek all around the cabin. 🙂

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