quick facts about me

I am a wife and mom to four little ones. As a family photographer, watching parents with their littles makes my heart sing. It's a season that I'm deeply in and so I feel like I understand it and capture it well. I believe that the heartbeat of the family is not just the parent/child connection but the parent/parent connection as well - that within every family is a love story that is currently and magically unfolding. 
I love this job that allows me to glimpse into other peoples' stories and getting to capture really special moments that they will treasure forever.

Thanks for taking a minute here on my little corner of the internet. I'm a photographer who specializes in capturing families and connections.


+ We pretty regularly have family dance parties in our kitchen

+ A goal I have is to take a month and travel out West... I would love to see Yosemite

+ I have a bad habit of eating ice... It's my dream to have one of those ice makers that makes the Sonic ice

+ I love writing lists and keeping up with a physical calendar. I know digital calendars would be so handy but I love writing things down

+ I enjoy painting and hand-lettering and have done craft shows selling art pieces
+ I have never seen Top Gun, much to my husbands chagrin 

quick facts about me

I don't know why but coffee just tastes better when someone else makes it, doesn't it? My husband always gets the coffee going in the morning and I love starting my day with him and coffee. I've always been a morning person... one of my favorite memories of growing up is waking up and having a little teacup of coffee with my grandpa. He would read the paper and hand me the comics and we would start the day together. Looking back I could never have realized what a special moment that was when I was in it... but I sure treasure those memories now.

that's special

It's the Everyday

I love a classic edit. Something that feels timeless, that won't look dated or like an old trend someday in the future. Crisp and colorful images are always my goal. And I can't deny I do especially love a moody black and white!  

classic and colorful

my Shooting style

I am a homebody. I love being cozy at home with my people and ordering pizza or making a big plate of nachos. I suppose in true enneagram 9 fashion that sums up a perfect evening. A close second would be a game night with my hubs and a handful of friends. I love games.

on a night off

my go to

I don't know that I set out specifically to become a photographer. I found that I loved photographing things. It helped me slow down in moments and process them in a completely different way that I fell in love with. I began capturing my friends and their kids and it grew organically over time in a way that felt so right. I found this is something that makes my heart feel full and because of that it's something I'll continue to pursue and try to keep breathing new life into.


why i became a

I love traveling... we tend to roadtrip it most of the time. I love it when we load up our mini van and set off to someplace we haven't been before. I love the beach and the sand and I love camping and hiking and the mountains. Adventuring with our kids has become a cherished memory of mine... I hope of theirs too someday!

place to visit

my favorite

 Michael and I have been married over a decade. We met at a campus ministry at UK and have basically been inseparable ever since. 
We have four kids, and are "in the weeds" of parenting. Our van is constantly covered in goldfish crumbs and we should probably buy stock in Bounty for the amount of spills we have. Our house is full and loud and messy. We love having friends around our table and playing games on the Switch (let me just say, there's a weird sense of pride when your kid can finally beat you at Mario Kart). 
I am just crazy about my husband and I think that allows me to capture love stories in a really special way, too.

Raising four kids and our fur babies with my best friend...

a little more about our family

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!