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May 17, 2019

I recently blogged Amanda’s maternity session – It is so special to get to meet the baby that was in that bump just a few weeks ago!

This baby is the chillest, most laid-back little one I’ve seen so far. He slept through nearly everything and I didn’t hear him cry in the whole two hours I was there. Not to say that he doesn’t of course but goodness, he is a good newborn! Amanda made the mobile in his crib and picked out the details for his nursery with such thoughtfulness you can’t help but smile just being in the room.

Big brother Isaac is adjusting to his new role like a champ. He loved showing off the baby and being close to him. It’s always sweet when things spark memories in your own life that you haven’t thought of in ages. Watching Isaac with the new baby reminded me of my toddler + newborn days and I was so grateful for the little bit of deja vu. It is no joke having toddler + newborn brothers but the foundation of a special relationship is being set right now and I can look at my own preschooler + toddler now and see them as very best friends and it’s a treasure to remember those first few weeks.

Amanda, how sweet it is to watch you mother these two precious boys! You and Ben are rockstar parents and it sure is sweet to watch you guys with your two boys!


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